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Coronavirus: Latest News From JAUCE | Updated on August 7, 2020
April 03, 2020

Updated on May 6, 2020.

After EMS service has been suspended in some countries, DHL shipping was made available in JAUCE.

Unlike EMS, DHL delivery fees are based on the volumetric weight method, which may require additional charges depending on the volume of the package.

To calculate the volumetric weight in kilograms, the volume of the parcel in cubic centimeters is divided by 5000. Most courier companies base their delivery rates on the actual weight or volumetric weight of a package, whichever is greater.

Please note that EMS is still our primary shipping method. We only use DHL if the EMS service is not available for the destination country. Because, for the DHL shipments, shipping fees may increase depending on the volume of the package to be sent. In addition, a remote area surcharge and an oversize surcharge may apply if applicable.

Although we try to process DHL shipments without any fee increase, if this is not the case with your delivery, you will be informed before shipping.

Alternatively, you can choose to send by Surface mail, which usually takes 2-3 months. Or, you can store your items for free in our warehouses until EMS service restarts. We hope that EMS will open again earlier than expected.

DHL shipping rate will increase slightly in some destinations from January 1, 2021. (Updated on December 23)

First of all, we hope you are all in good health, and the Coronavirus pandemic will soon be over.
We want to share information with you about how we operate.

Auctions & Shopping

We continue to operate and process your auctions and shopping orders as usual.
Online auctions and stores in Japan are still open and, ship products to JAUCE warehouses on time.


We have extended the storage service completely free of charge to December 31, 2020. (Updated on August 7)
This update applies to all members and includes future purchases as well.

Therefore, if your purchased items can not ship to your country or if you want to postpone your shipment for any reason, storage service will be available in our warehouses with no additional cost. Rest assured that we will review this policy in the future and make the necessary updates accordingly.

International shipments

Japan Post has temporarily updated some services according to the delivery conditions outside Japan.

Japan Post EMS method is significantly delayed in many areas. EMS shipments to the USA have been temporarily suspended due to flight restrictions.

International Courier Services other than Japan Post EMS:

During the Global Covid-19 outbreak, we may have to fulfill EMS shipping orders using different international courier services such as DHL, UPS or FedEx. In this case, the same EMS fees will apply, otherwise you will be informed before shipping.

We will ship the returned EMS parcels again by international courier services other than Japan Post at no additional cost, and inform you about the updated tracking information.

EMS: Temporarily suspended for some destinations.
SAL: Temporarily suspended for all destinations
Surface mail: Temporarily suspended for some destinations

Please check the latest updates at the list below (April 24, 2020).

Below are currently available shipment methods to each country listed in alphabetical order.
If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.


Algeria EMS, Surface
Argentina EMS
Australia International Courier, Surface
Austria EMS, Surface
Azerbaijan International Courier
Bahrain International Courier
Bangladesh International Courier, Surface
Barbados International Courier
Belarus International Courier, Surface
Belgium EMS, Surface
Bhutan EMS, Surface
Botswana International Courier, Surface
Brazil Surface
Brunei International Courier
Bulgaria EMS, Surface
Cambodia International Courier, Surface
Canada International Courier, Surface
Chile EMS
China EMS, Surface
Colombia EMS
Costa Rica International Courier
Croatia EMS, Surface
Cyprus EMS, Surface
Czech Republic EMS, Surface
Denmark EMS, Surface
Ecuador EMS
Egypt EMS
El Salvador International Courier
Estonia EMS, Surface
Eritrea International Courier
Fiji International Courier, Surface
Finland EMS, Surface
France EMS, Surface
Germany EMS, Surface
Ghana EMS
Greece International Courier, Surface
Honduras International Courier
Hong Kong EMS, Surface
Hungary EMS, Surface
Iceland EMS, Surface
India International Courier, Surface
Indonesia EMS, Surface
Iran EMS
Iraq EMS
Ireland EMS, Surface
Israel International Courier, Surface
Italy EMS, Surface
Jamaica International Courier
Jordan EMS, Surface
Kenya EMS
Kuwait EMS
Laos International Courier, Surface
Latvia EMS, Surface
Libya International Courier
Liechtenstein EMS, Surface
Lithuania EMS, Surface
Luxembourg EMS, Surface
Macau EMS, Surface
Malaysia EMS, Surface
Maldives EMS
Malta International Courier, Surface
Mauritius EMS, Surface
Mexico EMS
Moldova Surface
Mongolia International Courier
Morocco EMS, Surface
Mozambique Surface
Myanmar International Courier, Surface
Nepal EMS
Netherlands EMS, Surface
New Caledonia International Courier, Surface
New Zealand EMS
Nigeria EMS, Surface
Norway EMS, Surface
Oman EMS, Surface
Pakistan EMS
Panama EMS
Paraguay International Courier
Peru International Courier, Surface
Philippines EMS, Surface
Poland EMS, Surface
Portugal EMS, Surface
Reunion International Courier, Surface
Romania International Courier, Surface
Russia Surface
Saudi Arabia International Courier, Surface
Senegal International Courier, Surface
Serbia International Courier, Surface
Singapore EMS, Surface
Slovakia International Courier, Surface
Slovenia EMS, Surface
South Africa EMS, Surface
South Korea EMS, Surface
Spain EMS, Surface
Sri Lanka EMS, Surface
Sweden EMS, Surface
Switzerland EMS, Surface
Syria International Courier
Taiwan EMS, Surface
Tanzania EMS
Thailand EMS, Surface
Tonga International Courier, Surface
Trinidad and Tobago International Courier, Surface
Tunisia EMS, Surface
Turkey EMS, Surface
Uganda EMS
Ukraine EMS, Surface
United Arab Emirates International Courier, Surface
United Kingdom EMS, Surface
United States of America International Courier, Surface
Uruguay International Courier
Venezuela International Courier
Vietnam EMS, Surface
Zimbabwe International Courier


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