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Services & Charges

What we do

JAUCE is a one-stop online buying service designed for buyers from outside of Japan.
With JAUCE, you can bid on Yahoo Japan Auctions in real-time, pay your won auctions with your PayPal account or credit card.

JAUCE will contact the seller, pay your items and have them sent to JAUCE warehouses in Japan.
When you finish with all your purchases, you can submit a shipping order and have your items sent overseas.
Japanese shopping malls such as Rakuten or Amazon Japan are also available with JAUCE.
All in English – 24/7!

How to use

Registering with JAUCE is free, quick and easy.
Once the registration is complete, you can proceed to deposit into your Jauce account.
Just click the “Deposit” button in the member area, which will take you to PayPal.
PayPal allows you to transfer your funds into your Jauce account from your account or credit card.
When you deposit money, PayPal will exchange it at its own rate.
Please note that at least the full bid amount should be deposited before bidding.
Whenever you go shopping, you know you have the funds ready to bid or buy.
Now you can start bidding and shopping straight away!


Yahoo Japan Auctions are very similar to eBay.
Click here to see the details.

When you win an auction, we take care of the rest.
If you are outbid, JAUCE automatically notifies you and refunds your bid amount into your JAUCE account.
You can continue to increase your bid amount anytime before the auction closes.

Auction Fees
Jauce commission:
When you win an auction, JPY 400 + 8% per item will apply over the auction item’s closing price.

Other fees:

  • Domestic delivery fee: If the auction item is marked as “Free delivery”, no charge will apply. Sellers will add the cost of delivering your item to our warehouse, and we charge this from your Jauce account.
  • Banking fee: JPY 300 flat per payment. This fee is for bank remittance to the seller. We keep our fees for you as low as possible by only passing on the bank fee once a day for the items purchased in a single day from the same seller.
  • International delivery fee: Your shipping estimate will include our international delivery fees, which can be found here.
  • Smart packing fee: Please check the packing details here.
  • Depositing fee: JPY 40 + 3.9% over the deposit amount regardless of the payment method.
  • All other costs that may accrue before and after items have shipped are to be borne by you. This includes any handling fees or taxes incurred while processing auction items, if needed, customs and import duties in your country, all local sales taxes, etc.
Auction closing price : JPY 50,000
Our commission: JPY 4400 (JPY 400 + 8%)
Domestic delivery fee: JPY 120 (may vary)
Banking fee: JPY 300 (flat fee)
TOTAL*: JPY 54,820

* International delivery fee and packing fee are NOT included.

Picture Service:

You can now preview your won auctions with our optional “Picture Service” before we ship them to you internationally.
Select the “Picture Service” option after you win an auction, and we’ll send you three (3) pictures of the item as it arrives.
Picture service is available for supported categories only, and it costs 300yen per auction.

Good news! If the auction closing price is 20,000 yen or higher, we provide this service for free!

Note that this option can be selected only before we receive the item. Please don’t be late to order this service.


Online Shopping Malls

You can shop at online department stores like Rakuten, Yahoo! Japan Shopping, and Amazon Japan* with money already deposited in your JAUCE account.
Your shopping payments and service fees will be processed the same way we process auctions.
*Our Amazon Japan service is currently under maintenance and so is temporarily unavailable.

Shopping fees for Online Shopping Malls
Service fee: FREE during the beta version
Banking fee: FREE

Please note that the international delivery fee, packing fee, and other related fees and charges arising from the purchase are to be borne to you as stated in “auction fees” section above.

Shopping from Off-site Stores

You can also rely on us to assist you with shopping from off-site shops that we have in our shopping directory.
Just state the items you wish to purchase on the form in the left-hand menu:
Others > On Demand Shopping > Order Form.

Fees for off-site stores
Service fee: JPY 1000 + 8% over the item purchase price.
Banking fee: JPY 300

Please note that international delivery fee, smart packing fee, and other related fees and charges arising from the purchase are to be borne to you as stated in “auction fees” section above.


Items are stored in our smoke-free warehouses, with 24h surveillance by security camera systems.
We store them in our warehouse free for 60 days until we receive a shipping order from you.
After the free period elapses we will charge a monthly storage fee up to 180 days.
Maximum storage time in Jauce.com warehouses is 180 days.
Unclaimed items are discarded at the end of 180 days.

Shipping Order

At this stage, the delivery fee is an estimate, which may increase or decrease a little but it gives you a good idea of the cost.
The delivery fee will be finalized when the packing is done.

International Delivery

Once we have received your items, we will notify you to send us a shipping order.
We will proceed to ship your items ONLY when you enter a “shipping order” through the member area.
Delivery is made through Japan Post.
We may have to use other cargo companies for shipments not supported by Japan Post.
In such cases, we use those companies only with our own contract.
Our system doesn’t support pickup from warehouses or use of 3rd party shipping companies.

Package Consolidation & Smart Packing

If you buy more than one item, we will consolidate them and ship to you in “as few boxes as possible”.
This way, you can expect to make considerable savings on international delivery fees.
We also pack your goods with the optimal amount of packing material.
By default, we check all the packages and optimize them accordingly by adding more protection to ensure its safety, or by removing unnecessary protection to make the delivery fee cheaper.
With our “Smart Packing” feature, we take pride in minimizing your cost by keeping the parcels as small and as safe as possible.

Smart Packing: JPY 300 per package + JPY 120/kg
Fragile Packing: JPY 600 per package + JPY 240/kg
Japan Post
MethodExpected delivery timeTrackingInsuranceSize limitsWeight limits
EMS2-8 daysFull coverageFull coverageLength + Girth: 275cm Length: 150cm30kg
SALApprox. 13 daysFull coverageLimitedLength + Girth: 275cm Length: 150cm30kg
Surface mailApprox. 90 daysLimitedLimitedLength + Girth: 275cm Length: 150cm30kg
  • These limitations may vary according to the destination country. Please check the limitations for your home country before placing an order.
  • A fee of JPY 250/kg is required for methods other than EMS of Japan Post.
  • If the total value of the contents of a package exceeds JPY 200,000, Japan Post will apply an additional fee of JPY 2,800 for the customs clearance.

Restricted destinations

We can ship to anywhere in the world except North Korea. Also, as this service is only for international buyers, we do not send items to addresses within Japan.

Expedited Shipping

When you need your goods in a hurry, you can choose the “expedited shipping” option.
We will dispatch your shipment within one (1) business day for a fee of only ¥200 + ¥80/kg.

Premium Insurance

More peace of mind for only 1.9% over the total amount! By choosing the “premium insurance” option when placing an order, you can ensure a quick recovery in case of loss or damage during the international delivery. With premium insurance, provide us only the damage photos with a damage report created by your Post Office and we do the rest quickly from Japan.

Expedited Shipping

With the “expedited shipping” option, your shipment will be dispatched within one (1) business day.

The fee for “Expedited Shipping” service is JPY 200 + JPY 80/kg.
Restricted Items

We don’t handle the following items:

  • Whole vehicles and vehicle engines (cars, motorcycles, bicycles e.g.)
  • Model / real / toy guns or their parts
  • Gambling devices, arcade game cabinets
  • Bonsai, plants, seeds, agricultural products or any other kind of vegetation
  • Perishable food
  • Electronic cigarette
  • Alcoholic beverages with Volume 60% (or higher)
  • Tickets
  • Junior modeling items
  • Pressurized cans
  • Chemicals and hazardous items (oils, lighters, paints, nail polish, perfume, matches, chemicals, explosives e.g.)
  • Animal products which may not be commercially exported
  • Items requiring special processing by customs
  • Goods requiring a license to handle
  • Lottery Purchases
  • Illegal or questionably legal goods

Invoice descriptions may need to be altered to satisfy the requirements of Japanese customs.

Service restrictions:

Our system does NOT support the services below:

  • Shipping items within Japan
  • Creating invoices with a low value
  • Marking items as “Gift” or “Free sample”
  • Negotiating the price or auction conditions with the seller
  • Translation or sending technical questions to the seller
  • Providing contact information of the seller
  • Using a tool to disassemble/reassemble items or to make modifications.
  • Warehouse pickup or support for 3rd party companies