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Do you ship anywhere in the world?
Jauce will ship anywhere in the world except North Korea.   
Is a storage fee required?
Your items will be stored in Jauce warehouses, as long as you continue with your auctions.Storage up to 60 day is free of charge, and when this period is exceeded, a monthly storage fee is required.
Can you hold my items for a while?
Sure. We will process your shipment only if you submit a shipment order. We can hold your items until you finish all your auctions.Please note that free storage period is 60 days
Is the "final" delivery fee displayed on the shipment order form?
The delivery fee displayed in the shipment order form is just an "estimate" based on the current weight of the item(s), and it's just for giving you an approximate idea about how much the delivery fee...
Are items of any size shipped to me?
To be sent by Japan Post, Items must:Weigh 30 kg (66 lbs.) or lessMeasure 275 cm (108 inches) or less in combined length and girthAnd have a maximum length of 150 cm (59 inches)
What if my items are lost or damaged during the international delivery?
We ship all items with postal insurance, and any problems should be addressed to Japan Post. Jauce is in no way responsible for damaged, missing or lost items, but we will gladly provide you with the ...
Can I send electronics with lithium batteries?
Japan Post allows shipping only two (2) lithium-ion batteries per package. Please note that the batteries must be inside the equipment. EMS / SAL Afghanistan