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How the "time extension" works?
In Yahoo Japan Auctions, if there is a new bid in the last 5 minutes, the auction will be extended for an extra 5 minutes.Time extension will repeat u
How do Yahoo! Japan Auctions’ "Buy It Now" auctions work?
With Yahoo! Japan Auctions, a seller can choose to set a “Buy It Now” price for an item. This means that if someone pays that price, the auction will close immediately and the bidder will ...
Can different auction items from the same seller be shipped together?
Sure. If you are involved in both completed and pending auctions from the same seller, we will automatically contact the seller to suggest sending your items together. Please note that most sellers ...
How does the "maximum bid" work?
When you enter a bid significantly higher than the current highest bid, the system will automatically bid for you in increments up to your maximum bid.This allows you not to have to be online when the...
How bidding works in Yahoo Japan Auctions?
Starting price: 5,000 yenYour maximum bid amount: 10,000 yen If there is no other bid, you win the auction for 5,000 yen (and not 10,000 yen)
When do I pay for auction items that I win?
When you place a bid, you should deposit the full amount into your account. If you win an auction, you will have to pay standard fees and commissions before we send the items to you.We strongly reco...
Can I retract or cancel a bid?
Once you place a bid, you won't be able to cancel or retract it.If you made a mistake, we could try to help by contacting the seller and requesting a bid cancellation because only sellers can cancel b...
What if I do not win an auction?
Your bid amount will be credited back to your Jauce account as soon as another bidder outbids you.You may choose to leave the money in your Jauce account for future auctions, or you may withdraw your ...
Can I place a "last-minute" bid (snipe)?
Technically, you can place a last-minute bid to “snipe” an auction. But Yahoo! Japan Auctions gives sellers the option to extend an auction for 5 minutes if there is a new bid in the last ...
Is a deposit required to bid?
You should deposit your maximum bid amount into your account before bidding.   
Can I change my maximum bid amount?
You can increase your bid amount by using the "PLACE A BID" button on the auction page. Just click on and enter the new bid amount and then submit. The bidding form will open again, and you will confi...
What if I win an auction at a lower price than my maximum bid?
If you win an auction at a lower price than your maximum bid, we will automatically credit back the difference to your account.   
Can I place a sniper bid?
You can set up a sniper bid on when you enter your bid offer. JAUCE processes this order for you close to the closing minutes of the auctions.In most of the auctions, sellers choose to set a...