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Quick tutorial

After registering on for FREE, you can immediately start to bid on Japanese online auctions.

By clicking on the "MAKE A DEPOSIT" button, you'll be taken to PayPal website where you can deposit funds through your PayPal account or credit card.

Open the auction page and click the "PLACE A BID" button.

Enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay and submit.

In the confirmation step, check the auction details displayed, and then click the "SUBMIT" button.

If you win the auction, we will contact the seller and process the auction.
Our system will debit the processing fees into your account.
You don't have to make a payment at this stage, you can send all the overdue amount at once, just before the item is shipped to you.
When the item arrives at JAUCE warehouses, our system will notify you by email.

Then, you can enter a shipment order through the members' area and we will start the shipping process.



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