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I am a new bidder and just won an auction. What do I do now?

You can track your auction’s status from the “ENDED AUCTIONS” page, where all updates are displayed step by step.
You don't have to deposit money right away. You can wait until your items are ready to be shipped and then pay the full amount at once.
Also, always keep your profile updated, and make sure your delivery address is correct, because items will be sent to that address. If you want items sent to a different address, please specify this address when you confirm your shipment.
Each status is explained below:
PROCESSING: You've just won an auction, and we are processing it as quickly as possible. At this stage, the seller is contacted and paid for the item.
ARRIVED TO US: Your items have arrived at our warehouse in Japan. At this point, click on the “Shipment order” link to verify a shipment method for your items. Please note that items cannot be held, and shipping preferences cannot be changed, so please verify a shipping method only after we have received your items. Your understanding is appreciated.
READY TO SHIP: When we receive your item, we finalize the packing and create invoices and shipment labels. Our system will debit the international delivery fee from your account. At this stage, please pay any overdue amounts to your account. Otherwise, our system cannot proceed with the shipment.



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