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All you want to know about eBay Japan

Is there an eBay auction website in Japan?

There used to be an eBay Japan website established in 2001, but it left the Japanese online auction market in 2004.

What is the eBay Japan equivalent?

Currently, the Japanese equivalent of eBay is Yahoo Japan Auctions. With millions of new listings every day, this website is the largest online auction website in Japan.

How to buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions?

Designed for Japanese buyers, Yahoo Japan auction site doesn’t have an English version. Also, most sellers are NOT willing to ship internationally. This is a Japanese to Japanese online auction platform. In this article, we will explain how to buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions from outside Japan.

What you need is JAUCE

Located in Japan, JAUCE is a one-stop-shop service for Japanese online auctions and shopping. By using JAUCE website as your auction proxy service, you can buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions anywhere in the world. [ICONS] Since 2005, buyers from 150 countries have used JAUCE website to buy more than one million items.

Once registered with JAUCE for free, you can:

  • Browse Yahoo Japan Auctions in English
  • Watchlist your favorite items
  • Place bids in real-time or even snipe
  • Pay your purchases by using PayPal or credit card
  • AND, have the items shipped to you anywhere the world

How it works

[Illustration] JAUCE will process your purchases with the seller and have them shipped to the JAUCE warehouses located in Japan. Then, you can order a shipment and have your items sent to you anywhere in the world you may be. It’s that easy!

Package Consolidation

[Illustration] If you buy many items from different sellers or stores, JAUCE will consolidate them in one box to save on international delivery.
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What can I buy in Yahoo Japan Auctions?

This website is a real paradise for serious collectors, eBay resellers and fans of “Made In Japan” items. You can find lots of cool things; Games, toys, cameras, watches, bonsai pots, apparel, luxury brands, antiques & vintage items,  guitars, car parts & motorcycle parts, golf clubs, fishing equipment and so forth.

Are there any other Japanese shopping websites I can shop?

Almost all Japanese major online shopping malls are available with JAUCE. Some of them are;


The Japanese version of the online retail giant Amazon launched in 2000 and the “Amazon Marketplace” introduced in 2002. Popular categories are second-hand books, game software, toy figures,  and plenty of other things. Amazon Japan international shipments are limited to only a few categories.


“Rakuten Ichiba” in Japanese is the first mover in Japan e-commerce market and the largest online mall with more than 40,000 stores. Very popular among Japanese users.


The shopping version of Yahoo Japan is very similar to Rakuten.  Always a good alternative for Rakuten and Amazon JP. You can find some Japan stores only here. It is a must-visit website for any international shopper.  

What happened to eBay Japan?

When eBay Japan was established in 2001, Yahoo Japan Auctions was already there dominating the Japanese online auction market. eBay, confident of its brand, was expecting to have an easy victory over Yahoo Japan. However, things didn’t go as planned. Unlike eBay Japan, Yahoo Japan Auctions website was well localized and tailored to Japanese consumer needs. So that eBay Japan had to leave the Japanese market in 2004. Some rumors say that eBay has left Japan to better concentrate on other markets. After that, Yahoo has dominated the Japanese auction market while eBay was the only winner in the Western online auction markets.

Does eBay still exist in Japan?

Yes. There is still an eBay Japan website at www.ebay.co.jp but with no active auction listings. It just for giving training and supporting Japanese auctions sellers who want to list their items in the eBay websites in other countries. This website is usually full of tutorials, training seminar news,  and success stories. QOO10 [link] Is there eBay in Japan? Blog