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March 4th, 2019

Can I use Yahoo! Japan Auctions from outside Japan?

Yahoo! Japan Auctions is the largest auction website in Japan. Millions of items are listed, and some can only be found in and bought directly from Japan. In this article, you will find out some of the challenges that are involved in using Yahoo! Japan Auctions from overseas, and how you can resolve these by using the Japan Auction Proxy Website, JAUCE.

1. Language barriers

Yahoo! Japan Auctions is only available in Japanese. Even if you use a web translator, some important elements (like buttons, banners, or system messages) may not be translated. Even then, searching in English will massively reduce the number of items that come up in your search results, as the majority of items will be listed in Japanese.

Yahoo! Japan Registration

The registration form is in Japanese and you will need to fill out everything, even the CAPTCHA text, in Japanese characters to submit the form. Most Japanese sellers won’t answer messages sent in English because they are often concerned that overseas transactions will be troublesome.


You don’t need to register with Yahoo! Japan. JAUCE makes Yahoo! Japan Auctions available in English. All you have to do is register on (for free) and place your bids here. JAUCE communicates in Japanese with the sellers on your behalf and does the rest for you.

2. Payment methods

Making a payment on Yahoo! Japan Auctions is also difficult for an overseas buyer. For one, a Yahoo! Japan Wallet account (the most common payment method to pay sellers) can only be created with a credit card that was issued in Japan. Further, very few users accept payment via PayPal (it’s still not a common payment method in Japan). Add those to the issue of currency exchange rates (which may cause a problem between the buyer and seller), and there really are very few options for overseas payment.


With JAUCE, you can pay instantly by PayPal or your credit card. Since JAUCE uses PayPal exchange rates, figures are frequently updated to match global conversion rates and will never cause an issue.


3. International shipments

International Shipments


Japan Post is the most common method to ship items internationally. However, this process can be complicated, depending on what you send. Most Japanese sellers have never shipped internationally, so they aren’t familiar with the procedures involved.

Also, if you buy several items from different sellers, each seller would ship their items separately and the delivery fee would be very expensive.


JAUCE is specialized in international shipments. Each item is packed and documented properly, according to the destination country’s customs procedures.

JAUCE will also consolidate items from different sellers and ship them to you in one box. You have 60 days of free storage time in JAUCE facilities. You can use this time to buy as many items as you want, and then send them all in one go. This way, you can get great savings on your international delivery.



JAUCE has shipped millions of items to anywhere in the world since 2005. It’s a one-stop-shop service for everything you need or want to buy from Yahoo! Japan Auctions. JAUCE will also help you to buy from online malls in Japan, like Rakuten, Amazon Japan, and Yahoo! Japan Shopping.

Even better, JAUCE has a smart search feature that will help you to use English to find all of the items you want to buy. So now you CAN search for your favorite Japanese things in English.

You can enjoy Japanese online auctions and shopping anywhere in the world with JAUCE. It’s that easy!

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