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Swords, knives or blades may require special documents to ship.
This auction may contain guns/arms that can not be shipped internationally.
Free picture service is available in this listing!Free picture service is available in this listing!

値引き交渉☆日本刀剣保存会鑑定☆南北朝時代後期 永徳頃☆大和手掻包俊☆映りが出て地肌と刃紋が見事な69.9センチ

AUCTION ID m280939912
STARTING PRICE 500,000 yen
MAKE OFFER question "No" means seller will NOT accept lower price offers. No
CURRENT TIME 2019/02/22 06:08:23
STARTING TIME 2019/1/11 21:58:00
ENDING TIME 2019/1/17 17:33:00
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