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Free picture service is available in this listing!Free picture service is available in this listing!

中国美術 荊渓 銭子磨製 盆栽鉢 支那鉢 植木鉢 / 古玩 唐物 蘭鉢 古鉢 宜興 紫泥 朱泥 古盆器 盆器 在銘 時代 古渡 鉄画軒 鐡畫 古玩

AUCTION ID k417110726
STARTING PRICE 198,000 yen
MAKE OFFER question "No" means seller will NOT accept lower price offers. No
CURRENT TIME 2019/11/22 23:00:24
STARTING TIME 2019/10/16 13:18:00
ENDING TIME 2019/10/22 22:56:00
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