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This listing may be involved in an intangible item, a repair or maintenance service. Please be careful and check the auction details prior to bidding.

K4191■さいかい産業/SAIKAI FF式小型ペレットストーブ MT-311 SUMITA■送料無料!

AUCTION ID j617222870
STARTING PRICE 100,000 yen
MAKE OFFER question "No" means seller will NOT accept lower price offers. No
CURRENT TIME 2020/03/29 02:21:08
STARTING TIME 2020/3/11 16:32:00
ENDING TIME 2020/3/11 16:35:00
TIME EXTENSION question "Yes" means ending time will be extended by another 5 minutes if a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes before an auction ends (no limitations). Yes