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This listing may be involved in an oil related item. Please be careful and check the details prior to bidding.
Please note that lithium batteries must be contained in equipment for shipping. Nickel based batteries are prohibited from shipping.

クボタ 10馬力 整備済み 除雪機 KSR810

AUCTION ID 352699380
STARTING PRICE 200,000 yen
MAKE OFFER question "No" means seller will NOT accept lower price offers. No
CURRENT TIME 2019/03/24 18:56:18
STARTING TIME 2019/1/9 20:41:00
ENDING TIME 2019/1/12 21:41:00
TIME EXTENSION question "Yes" means ending time will be extended by another 5 minutes if a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes before an auction ends (no limitations). Yes