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Services & Charges

Are you interested in buying items from Japanese online auctions and shops? So, you are in the right place! Many Japanese sellers do not ship directly to international addresses but by using website, you can enjoy auctions/shopping and have the goods sent to your doorsteps.


Participating in online auctions in Japan is one of the best ways to find highly sought-after "Made in Japan" items.
With Japan Auction Center, you can start enjoying Japanese auctions from outside of Japan right away and have items delivered to your own home.
By registering for free on Japan Auction Center, you can place bids in real-time and pay via PayPal.
Then we take care of the rest:
We'll contact the auction seller, pay for your auctions directly and send them to your home. It's that easy!
Many Japanese auction sellers do not ship directly to international addresses. So, when you win an auction, you don't need to deal with the Japanese auction seller directly; Because the seller will ship the item to our warehouse in Japan, and then we will ship it to you.

Auction fees

When you win an auction, a nominal service fee of 800 yen + 8% per item is charged over the auction item's closing price.

24h discounts:
The next auction you win within 24 hours of the first one will automatically qualify for a discount and only 400 yen + 8% per item is charged. So as you continue with your auctions, the discount time will extend each time you win a new one.

Please note that you also have to pay the fees below:

  • Domestic delivery fee:
    Only the actual domestic delivery fee is charged.
    (No charge if the auction item is marked as "Free delivery")
  • Banking fee: 300yen per payment (flat fee)
    If you pay for all of your auctions to the same seller at once, this fee is applied only once.
  • International delivery fee to send items to you
  • Depositing fee: 40yen + 3.9% over the deposit amount regardless the payment method.
  • All other costs that may accrue before and after items have shipped are to be borne by you. This includes any handling fees or taxes incurred while processing auction items, if needed, customs and import duties in your country, all local sales taxes, etc.

Auction closing price
Our commission
Domestic delivery fee
Banking fee

: 50,000 yen
: 4800 yen (800 yen+8%)
: 120 yen (may vary)
: 300 yen (flat fee)
: 55,220 yen

* International delivery fee is NOT included.

Shopping orders

Jauce will also assist with your purchases from "Major" online shopping malls and shops in Japan (Rakuten, Yahoo Japan Shopping, e.g.) which are supported by our system. To order items from online stores in Japan, please click on the "Shop order" link in the members area. Also, please check the list of available stores.

Shopping fees

For orders through online stores in Japan, we charge 1000 yen + 8% over the item purchase price.

Shopping orders are NOT qualified for 24h discounts.
Please also note that all the fees and charges due to the purchase are to be borne to you as stated in "auction deputy" section above.

International Delivery

We send your items ONLY if you enter a "shipment order" through the member area.
Delivery is made through Japan Post or FedEx. Third party delivery companies are not supported by our system.


Items are stored in our SMOKE  FREE warehouses, with 24h surveillance by security camera systems.
Storage up to 60 days is completely free. If this period is exceeded a monthly storage fee is required.
Maximum storage time in warehouses is 180 days. (updated on June 18, 2012)

Normally, we send items without repacking; as we receive them from the auction seller.
If you need repacking with additional protection, please select the repacking option while ordering a shipment.

Package consolidation

In case you buy multiple items from different sellers, we will combine them in a big box and ship to you all together. This way, you can make great savings on international delivery fees. This is why using services is even better than dealing directly with the auction seller!


  • Single box repacking: 1200 yen (flat fee)
  • Double box repacking: 2400 yen (flat fee)

Japan Post
Method Expected delivery time Tracking Insurance Size limits Weight limits
EMS 2-8 days Available Available Length + Girth: 275cm
Length: 150cm
SAL 8-16 days
Available Available Length + Girth: 275cm
Length: 150cm
Surface mail
30-90 days
Not available
Available Length + Girth: 275cm
Length: 150cm
  • These limitations may vary according to the destination country. Please check the limitations for your home country before placing an order.
  • A fee of 250yen/kg is required for methods other than EMS of Japan Post.
Method Expected delivery time Tracking Insurance Size limits Weight limits
FedEx 2-8 days
Available Available Any size Any weight
  • FedEx uses Volumetric weight method.
  • Items are sent only through our own FedEx account.
  • International delivery fee to send items to you
  • Any other fees and charges that may accrue before and after the items are shipped to you
Damaged or lost items

Items are sent with a postal insurance and Jauce is not responsible for damaged or lost items.

Service Restrictions

All shipments may undergo an unexpected evaluation at Japan customs. In case the shipment is not found suitable for the standards for shipping, we may change the invoice setting, invoice description and packaging as required.

Items we don't handle
Jauce doesn't handle the following items:
  • Whole vehicles and vehicle engines (cars, motorcycles, bicycles e.g.)
  • Model / real / toy guns or their parts
  • Gambling devices, arcade game cabinets
  • Bonsai, plants,seeds, agricultural products or any other kind of vegetation
  • Perishable food
  • Volume 60% (or higher) alcoholic beverage
  • Tickets
  • Junior modeling items
  • Pressurized cans
  • Chemicals and hazardous items (oils, lighters, paints, nail polish, perfume, matches, chemicals, explosives e.g.)
  • Animal products which may not be commercially exported
  • Items requiring special processing by customs
  • Goods requiring a license to handle
  • Illegal or questionably legal goods
Services we don't offer
We are not able to offer the following services:
  • Negotiating with the auction seller or sending questions
  • Providing invoices with a low value or marking items as "gift"
  • Assisting with lottery purchases
  • Reassembling items, modifications or any other operation requiring using a tool.
  • Support for 3rd party companies

Thank you for your understanding.